Cold Room


Cold Room

Body of the room:

Made from inside stainless steel and from outside

Galvanized Sheet

- The rooms are made of prefabricated walls and ceilings

 Insulated with polyurethane thickness 10 cm

High pressure for freezer room and 10 cm for cooling room

With a density of 40 ± 2 kg / m3

And injectors with injection machine which gives high efficiency of insulation

 - For walls and ceilings are closed from inside

 And the exterior with galvanized iron sheet

-The thickness of the wall is 0.5

The Beloved and the Beloved as Bishop


The floor is insulated from the same wall quality with a layer of wood

Ply wood thickness 0.9 mm

And a layer of fiberglass.
the doors :

Each room is equipped with (1) hinged door

Slot (1 m × 2 m)

  - The door is closed from inside and outside with iron

Galvanized galvanized oven furnace.

The door is insulated with 10 cm polyurethane

- The door is equipped with high quality imported hinges and knives.

- The door is equipped with a heater in the freezer room

* Electricity and control works: -

- Electricity and control devices: -

    Provide the electrical controls and safety necessary to maintain 
temperature in the room

 Includes thermostat and thermometer - high and low pressure cutter for the freeze-flange unit

Cut the coolant liquid and signal bulbs
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