Boiling Pans

Boiling Pans Stainless steel construction AISI304 & pan bottom AISI316 Shall have pan capacity 150 litters. Double jacketed. Supplied c/w spring assisted lid counter balanced. have drain tap 1 1/2 inch. have automatic water level control, safety pressure switch & pressure relief valve. Thermostatic gas valve with safety thermostat. Power:22.790 Kcal/ Dims: 90x90x85 cm  

Tilting Pans

Tilting Pans Stainless steel construction AISI304, compound bottom, stainless steel inner finish Shall have self balancing lid spring assisted. Pan capacity around 80 litters. manual tilting hand .Thermostatic gas valve 80/320 C. Shall have built in safety thermostat. Infiltration protection shall be at least IPX4. Power12.900 Kcal/h Dims: 90x90x85 cm  

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